Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at info@potstudiola.com


Pick-up hours

  • POT Gardens (Mid-City) pickup is every day from 12 - 6p
  • POT (Echo Park) pickup is Thursday - Monday from 12 - 4p


  • For 4-week series', pieces will be ready 14 days after your last class.
  • For one-time classes, pieces will be ready 30 days after your class.
    You will be notified via email when your pieces are ready.
  • Due to limited space, 30 days after notification, we donate pieces that have not been picked up.

Yes! Our private parties are 90-minute private classes designed for first-timers. Choose from wheel throwing, handbuilding, pipe making, or SexPots. We can also customize a private class for your organization. Visit our Private Parties page to learn more and submit a request.

We are generally an adults-oriented studio due to adult themed art in the studio. Our classes are for students ages 16+, and minors must have a guardian's permission. Additionally, we offer Youth Programs for students ages 11-17.

  • Wheel throwing is when you create a piece on the potter’s wheel. Yes, just like that movie Ghost, but done properly. This is the most popular form of pottery making, and most would consider it the more technical side of pottery. Wheel throwing is great for those looking for a new grounding practice.
  • Handbuilding is pottery that is all things done off the wheel - includes slab construction, pinching, coil construction, and sculpting. This method is more forgiving and allows you to get creative with decorations and adornments. Handbuilding is great for those looking for a more arts & crafts experience.
  • We do our best to keep our prices as accessible as possible, considering overhead and material costs, which include fair living wages for staff. A lot of work goes into maintaining classes behind the scenes, aside from teaching. Labor goes into recycling and prepping clay, firing, glaze maintenance, processing pieces, studio operations, etc. on top of teaching. Pieces are fired in the kiln for 24+ hours in 2 separate round
  • Check out the Potluck Initiative - We offer scholarships and sliding scale pricing for Black & Brown individuals who cannot afford the full price. We also offer the option for students to donate $5 towards free/sliding scale pricing at check-out, which we disperse monthly.

Our classes sell out quickly, but there are ways to stay on top of them! You may also join our newsletter to hear when classes become open. We also post updates on Instagram at @pot_studio_la.

  • To qualify for a refund, cancellations must be made at least 5 days prior to the first class.
    • Cancellations made within 4-day window of a class receive 50% account credit
    • No refunds/account credit/make ups for same day or retroactive cancellations.
  • We can not refund or make-up individual missed classes in a series.
  • All POT staff and members are required to be vaccinated for COVID.
  • Masks are always optional in 420-friendly classes: Pipe Party, SexPots, POT + Paint, and Private Parties.  Individual teachers may ask students to wear masks in other classes.
  • Do not show up to the studio showing any sick symptoms, even if it is just a cold.


Memberships are available at both locations. Members have 24/7 access, so safety and being able to work independently are key. For more information, check out the application here

Due to kiln capacity, we are not offering outside firing or firing-only memberships.