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Personal Filmmaking

This summer our artist in residence is Dro Watson-Andrews, a filmmaker and film professor visiting us from Florida.  During this time we're offering Personal Filmmaking, our first ever non-ceramics series! These 6-week sessions will take place from June to mid-July.

Dro is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and educator who makes everything from feature length documentaries to video art installations to puppets and animations. Dro’s films have been screened around the country, as well as internationally and her installations have shown in galleries and shows around Florida. 

In Personal Filmmaking, students will learn about alternate modes of filmmaking that emphasize personal narratives, available resources, and connection with the viewer. Students will be studying the work of filmmakers who work in this style, and build upon their ideas and methods. The instructor will also be sharing her own philosophies with regards to filmmaking and how to create more personal films, be they narrative or documentary, feature-length or short form. Students will be led through making their own personal narrative short film during this series.

All you will need is yourself and a phone camera, but access to any additional equipment is great. 

At the end of this 6-week series, students will have made their own personal short film, which can be submitted for a community screening at the end of July. All student submissions from this workshop will be accepted. 

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