Aprox: 5 1/2" in diameter

Snake & Wire Bowl


Our first TOPSHELF series, a dinnerware capsule collection by Desirée Hernandez inspired by tattoos and the 90's.

This food safe bowl can be used for any of your eating needs.

Each individual piece is carefully handthrown and handpainted, we do not use molds or stencils. This means it takes much more time to make, more care, more love, and more delicate skills. For the badass home with personality and an appreciation for the arts.

Desirée Hernandez is a Puerto Rican woman and Southern California native who creates functional pottery while incorporating hand painted designs. She is a member and teacher at POT, and her pieces are intended to be unique and utilized in a home setting.


Every item is individually handmade by a member of our community, not a machine. We do not use molds, just our hands to yours. Your piece may come with tiny imperfections, just like us. 

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