Approx 12" tall

Snake & Rose Jug - Large


This large and fully handmade vase by Desirée Hernandez incorporates hand painted designs, sgraffito, and gold lustre. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. 

The process in creating these pieces includes carefully hand throwing, drawing, carving, and painting which makes them very labor intensive. The gold lustre contains real gold and goes through an additional firing process that makes this vase different than the average ceramic piece. Each piece takes over 10 hours to complete with careful tender loving care.

Desirée Hernandez is a Puerto Rican woman and Southern California native who creates functional pottery while incorporating hand painted designs. She is a member and teacher at POT, and her pieces are intended to be unique and functional art. Pieces may contain minor imperfections that do not detract from the functionality of the piece



Every item is individually handmade by a member of our community, not a machine. We do not use molds, just our hands to yours. Your piece may come with tiny imperfections, just like us. 

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