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Our signature mugs made by Ambar Arias. Early on in Ambar's ceramic journey she got bored with making simply pretty things and wanted to make more politically meaningful work. These mugs are her "fuck you" to anyone that disagrees with these "radical" notions, and have been an ongoing inspiration to POT's mission.

All mugs are food safe and contain Ambar's signature rainbow speckle glazing on the inside. 

Ambar Arias is a LA native Salvadoran woman whose practice incorporates radical political sayings on her pottery. She is the co-founder of POT as well as a teacher here. Her art is meant to insight conversation and validate people of color.

Every item is individually handmade by a member of our community, not a machine. We do not use molds, just our hands to yours. Your piece may come with tiny imperfections, just like us. 

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